Donald Trump’s Top Ten Quotes

Donald Trump, The billionaire real estate mogul, now Presidential Candidate,  has many quips and quotes but we chose the top 10 according to our users.

1. “Be Rough Mentally and Never Give Up!”


2. “Don’t Let Anything Stand in Your Way.”


3. “I Like Thinking Big. If You’re Going To Be Thinking Anything, You Might As Well Think Big.”6

4. “My Style of Doing Things Is Fairly SImple. I just Push, Push and Push Again What I Want To Achieve.”


5. “How To Get Rich …… Whenever I Meet People, That’s Usually What They Want To Know From Me. You Ask A Banker How He Makes Bread. You Ask A Billionaire How He Makes Money.”8

6. “Without Passion, You Don’t Have Energy; Without Energy, You Have Nothing. Nothing Great In The World Has Been Accomplished Without Passion.”


7. “Think Big But Stand Firmly On The Ground. You Should Be Well Informed About What You Do.”


8. “Sometimes By Losing A Battle You Find a New Way To Win The War.”


9. “Animals Kills For Food People Kills For Pleasure When It Comes To People Always Expect The Best But Be Ready For The Worst!”


10. “It’s Tangible, It’s Solid, It’s Beautiful. It’s Artistic, From My Standpoint, And I Just Love Real Estate.”

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